Thursday, June 12, 2008

BTS Cake

So seriously, this is definitely the BEST cake I have ever had. A friend of mine gave me the recipe after he had it at a Church activity, and I tried it out on my family, and i think it was a unanimous agreement that it was delicous. Brandon even requested that Diana make it for his birthday :-) I definitely recommend this delicious dessert for any occasion.

1 boxed german chocolate cake mix (or devils food cake works just as well)
1 jar of caramel topping
1 tub of whipped cream
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
About 2 cups of crushed heathe bars (or any other candy you might like more)

Bake the cake as directed in a 9x13 cooking dish and let cool. After it is cool, poke many holes across the top of the cake (make sure hte hole goes all the to the bottom of the pan). Pour the jar of caramel topping evenly over the top of the cake, making sure to let the caramel seap into all the holes. After this, pour the sweetened condensed milk over the cake in the same matter as the caramel, letting it seep into the cake. Spread one tub of whipped cream over the top of the cake,a nd then sprinkle with the crushed candy bars. Refrigerate till ready to serve


Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

Thanks for the great recipe. Brandon said it is his new favorite cake. I always have a hard time finding a cake to make for his birthday because he doesn't really like cake, so it worked out perfectly!

Russ & Annie Squire said...

I make this all the time, but I never heard to put caramel topping on it, too. I've been missing out! Thanks for the tip!